Interior Tiles

Interior Tiles

The “Tile of a Hundred Years”: an endless combinations of colours and patterns to create unique patterned floors. They go beyond fleeting fashion trend. A timeless floor, suitable for any style of home decor. They can be placed anywhere, from the living room to the bathroom, from the bedroom to an office, from kitchen to dining room. Furthermore, they can be used not only for the floor but also on walls. There are hundreds of patterns and combining them with solid coloured border or corner tiles, the design creates a story in itself which is not only unrepeatable but most importantly unique. The features of Tiles of a Hundred Years

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in Mov is a research on contemporary cement tiles’ manufacturing. Starting from a “divisionale", a mould used to separate colors, it is possible to obtain multiple configurations, from a basic pattern, to more complex and dynamic systems. Floor and wall tiles become more than simple decorations, they can transform any space adding the uniqueness of an old craft tradition reinterpreted to a more contemporary mood.

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