Tiles of a Hundred Years

Tiles of a Hundred Years

Timeless tiles

Our tiles are made with the same method, the same tools and the same raw materials which were used over a hundred years ago. And yet, their worth lasts beyond fleeting fashion trends. A timeless floor, suitable for any home and decor style but remaining eternal because of the high strength and durabile characteristics of the tiles. We call them “Tiles of a Hundred Years” not only because we produce them exactly as our great-grandfather, Santo, did a hundred years ago but because they last a hundred years.

Tiles without limits

Our tile designs know no limits: limits exist only in your or your designer’s imagination. They can be applied anywhere, from the living room to the bathroom; from the bedroom to the office; from the kitchen to dining room. Furthermore, they can be used not only for the floor but also for walls.

The endlessly tile

The combinations are endless: from colours, patterns borders, and solid colours to materials used like gritstone, sandstone or cement tiles. The colours available are many and can be combined with each other to create a decoration to your liking. These tiles are not standard but are manufactured one by one, by placing the cement with the desired colour into the spaces obtained using the original, antique brass seperators. There are hundreds of patterns and combining them with solid coloured border or corner tiles, the design creates a story in itself which is not only unrepeatable but most importantly unique.

Tiles without imitations

This is a unique, original and unparalled product. The decorated cement tiles are primarily an original choice. Standing out means giving personality to the environment in which we live. Each floor is a unique work of art because, thanks to the endless combinations, originality becomes a certainty which makes your home unique.

Tiles without Comparison

No other flooring is as suitable for indoors as is our “cement tile” and “gritstone” for creating central patterns by combining designs, boarders, corners and solid colours. A room with a central tile pattern is already “decorated”: from art nouveau to art deco designs, from floral to geometric, all house styles can find their ideal tile with us.

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